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Adopt a Hive

Adopt a Hive

Adopt a Hive --- Give Bees a Chance

When you adopt a hive you can choose which hive you’d like to support. Eirlys, Willow, Hafwen or Heather. Each hive has its own story and its own character, as you’ll discover in the coming months.

You will also receive a welcome pack that includes:

  • Tips and advice to help you help bees in your garden and your community
  • An amazzzzing factsheet full of bee trivia to impress your friends.
  • Quarterly updates for a year about your own hive.
  • The opportunity to visit your hive with your beekeeper.
  • Children will receive a candle-rolling kit, a hand-knitted bee, and a bee badge.

Plus, as a special ‘Thank-You’ from your bees, you will also receive a jar of honey from your own hive. All for just £30 a year!

Adopt a Hive makes a great gift for any gardener, nature lover or foodie, plus it’s a wonderful educational experience for a child.

In fact it’s ideal for anyone who:

  1. Loves honey!
  2. Enjoys their garden.
  3. Grows their own produce.
  4. Is passionate about food – including locally sourced produce.
  5. Cares for the environment.
  6. Would love to have their own hive, but doesn’t have the time or space.
  7. Wants to learn more about the role of the honeybee.